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The accomplishments of a fruitful partnership

18 months after the start of the Sharaka cooperation on the SDGs, the Netherlands Court of Audit and the supreme audit institutions (SAIs) from six Arab countries (Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority and Tunisia) just spent a week sharing their experiences and findings. What do the attendees feel was accomplished?

"We have all shared our observations and findings on sustainable development and government evaluations with our counterparts from the Netherlands and the six Arab countries. The outcome feels like a success, as we have all learned a lot from each other and found a positive role for each of us in coming up with a definitive guide for INTOSAI, to help our governments plan for the 2030 agenda."

Malika Didouche
Head of Chamber of the SAI of Algeria

"This week has been very helpful because we will all go back to our countries with a better understanding of everyone’s challenges. We can help each other out better, and move forward with implementing the 2030 agenda, which Jordan is ready to do. I would like to thank the Dutch Court of Audit for bringing us together, and everyone else for sharing their experience and knowledge."

Wasfi Al-Odwan
Head of Performance Audit Divisions at the Audit Bureau of Jordan

"The initiative behind this week, and its results are impressive. The leaders of the participating SAIs are aware of every member’s activities, and this exchange of knowledge at all levels will have positive results for all of us. I was able to see how much each participant is committed to our goals, how much the governments are concerned about the SDGs and their importance on societies as a whole. We look forward, at the end of this programme, to come up with a manual to guide all the aspects of our governments."

Dr. Alaa H. Kadum
Vice President of SAI Iraq

"The experience has been more than positive – it’s been a journey. All SAIs face the same challenges, and most have the same vision and the same understanding of this tool – and in the end the same recommendations and findings. Our report will be published in the coming days, and everyone will benefit and learn from our experience. Not every SAI globally is involved yet, as it’s still such a new endeavor. The first people who gain this experience will be the pioneers, so we are lucky to be among the first."

Ala Eghreib
Auditor, SAI of Palestinian Authorities

"Governments need to be more accountable, and citizens want to be more vocal, more involved. It’s a change of the social contract. In order for this change to happen, it’s vital to have a bodies such as the supreme audit institutions. That’s why this project is so important: they are on an equal footing, peer to peer, colleagues discussing and sharing experiences. Their cooperation will continue for a long time, even after this week."

Bert Meijerman
Coordinator for transition in the Arab Region at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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