Impressions of the day

At the end of the day…

As delegates gather in the garden of the historic Nutshuis to enjoy refreshments and conversations in the evening sun, what are their impressions of the day?

“Today helped us put our finger on where the problems are. It was a hands-on experience where you learned exactly what the missing links are in national cooperation. I met the Jordanian delegation of SAI and I will follow up to make further connections to see what they need in order to achieve their objectives and goals of implementing the SDGs.”

Farida Maghayreh
Project Manager, Kadaster, Jordan

“It’s very interesting because today proved how SAIs feel the need to be open and inclusive to other stakeholders in order to monitor the implementation of the SDGs. There was an awareness of the challenges facing the societies in the region, which are going through reform in civil society and the private sector. SAIs are aware of the dynamics and are willing to be open to them. I see it as an opportunity for SAIs and the surrounding environment to build strong partnerships.”

Dr. Neila Akrimi
VNG International – CILG

“Superb! I was particularly inspired by the presentation made by the Mayor of Oss, a municipality of 70,000 people. Her observations about how to achieve mutually supportive SDGs – for example, the way that economic growth can be achieved at the same time as reducing pollution – were unusually concrete.”

Joost van Hofwegen
Co-director of the Netherlands Court of Audit
Mark Smith & Lauren Comiteau
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